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Who Should Be Tested?
Ideally the mother, child, and alleged father should be tested; however, testing can be performed without the mother and achieve accurate results.


How Accurate is DNA Testing?
DNA testing is the most conclusive and widely accepted method for testing biological relationships. Collectech utilizes one of the few laboratories that offer both PCR and RFLP technologies; therefore, we can provide the most accurate and definitive results in the industry. We routinely provide results with a probability of 99.99% or greater for inclusion and 100% for exclusion.


What Kind Of Samples Does The Lab Need?
There are two acceptable samples when conducting a paternity test a cheek swab and a blood sample. A cheek swab is a sample that is collected from the inside of the mouth. A specimen is collected easily and painlessly with a cheek swab from the newborn and the adults. Both of the samples are equally reliable and accurate, because DNA is found in every single cell in the body.


Can I Use The Results In Court Cases?
Yes. Our lab is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and is recognized by courts across the country. Our test results are routinely 10 to 1,000 times more accurate than what the court requires for proof of paternity.
Collectech utilizes a lab accredited by the AABB, CLIA, NYSDOH. To ensure the strict chain-of-custody, all parties are positively identified, photographed and fingerprinted when samples are collected. We store all DNA samples in a secured facility to ensure accurate, legally defensible results. A notarized test report will be sent to all tested parties and attorneys if requested. Expert testimony services are available.


When Can Testing Be Performed?
There are no age restrictions because DNA makeup is set at conception. Testing is possible even before birth, and newborns can be tested safely at delivery using umbilical cord blood. Samples can be taken from persons of any age, even post mortem. Our combined technologies are so powerful that the genetic patterns of a deceased father can be reconstructed from grandparents, siblings or other children.


How Much Does Collectech Cost?
Collectech leads the industry with the lowest prices possible. Our goal is to keep DNA testing accessible and affordable to all, while maintaining excellence in quality and service. Testing can be initiated with a partial payment. We welcome Visa, MasterCard, debit cards and money orders. Payment plans are available.


How Can I Set Up a Test?
Simply call 1-901-388-2525. You will speak with one of our experienced, caring professional who will answer all of your questions and guide you through the entire process, from initial call to interpretation of the results. All we need is basic patient information and a partial payment to begin the testing process.


How Long Does It Take To Get Results?
With Collectech advanced technologies, we can deliver the fastest results in the industry. We have a variety of services with results available in 2 to 3 business days. Urgent testing is available upon request. No results will be given over the phone.

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