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Collectech Services is a DNA specimen collection site located in Memphis, TN. We offer you the most reliable testing procedures and results available. Our medical professionals are trained and ready to assist you. We recognize the need for this type of testing and how the results impact the lives of our clients. It is the first positive step in solving difficult situations. That's why our goal is to make this technology accessible and affordable to anyone who may benefit from DNA testing. We offer mobile collections, late afternoon appointments and weekend appointments, making collections convenient and confidential.

Collectech utilizes one of the largest and most experienced labs in the United States and have been providing these services for the past eleven years. Collectech Services offers a full range of services such as: urine drug testing, oral fluid alcohol testing, breath alcohol testing, hair drug testing and we also conduct blood draws for substance abuse testing. Additionally, we provide onsite collections and after hour collections for such events as post- accident drug testing.

About the Center
Collectech Services utilizes the largest, most experienced private DNA paternity testing company in the United States. With over 1,500 collection sites available throughout the United States. One way that Collectech assures accuracy of our testing procedures is that we utilize a lab that is accredited by the American Association of Blood banks (AABB) and the ISO. .

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